The company NOXMAT GmbH produces industrial burners for directing and indirecting heating with and without integrated recuperator, high velocity industrial burners, etc.
The company NOXMAT GmbH was founded under the name AICHELIN Development Center and Unit Construction plc on 26 February 1992 as independent subsidiary of AICHELIN Industrial Furnace Construction plc Korntal-Münchingen and is domiciled in Oederan (Saxony) since 1993.
The company´s production profile includes development, design, manufacture, and sales of industrial gas burners, control units, radiant tubes and furnace components as well as conversion and reconstruction of industrial furnaces along with associated services.
Recuperated burners, high-velocity burners, flat-flame burners, control units for burner equipment and radiant tubes are manufactured on a production area of 3,000 m².

A quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 has been introduced. EC prototype test certificates and foreign quality certificates are available for special products.

We have established close and regional co-operation relationships with foundries, small-size metal processing businesses but also with assembly and installation businesses of Middle Saxony Rural District. As a consequence thereof, burner parts and furnace components are made by regional manufacturers. They are finally assembled to functional burners and control units in Oederan but also mounted to furnace systems in case of new installations or reconstructions

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