Burners Course topics

Course Title : Fuel - Combustion - Burners


The main purpose of Training Course :

students will be familiar with the principles of combustion - heat transfer - burner gas line components - components of oil line - relay - motor damper - flame detectors - electrical circuit and will be able to manage process to installation and maintenance of burners under the supervision of highly qualified technisian. Obviously if there will also prepare learners may more specialized topics.

Introduction (check the burners in various industries including the automotive industry - the oil industry - steel industry - Cement industry and ....)


Principles of combustion (combustion concept - the necessary conditions for ignition - chemical principles of combustion - controlled combustion - about flammability - burning speed - complete combustion and ... .)



Analysis of the combustion products in the chimney (air required for combustion - combustion products - Gas Analysis - Combustion efficiency - heat transfer - optimizing oxygen compounds)



Methods of heat transfer and types of heat exchangers as specifid to each used Burners(methods of heat transfer and heat transfer calculations related to factors affecting it-industrial furnaces using the energy balance)


Fundamentals performance of burners (burner blue - yellow-fired burners - primary air - secondary air - excess air - Keep it steady flame shape and combustion air flow control .... etc.)


Investigation burner components (fan - Pressure Switch- ignition - Flame scanner - Motor damper - Openings air injection - the injection of fuel - flame disk - gas orifice , etc.)


Flame Problems ( noisy flame - smoky flame - flame intend to flash back and .... )


Examine the components of Oil line (main valve - pressure gauge - Pressure switch -Oil pressure reguletor- Oil Solenoid valve - oil pumps - oil nozzle , etc.)


Equipment and scientific principles regulate the flow of fuel and air (pneumatic and DCS -PLC- mechanical connection method, etc.)


Examine the components of the gas line (main valve - filter - pressure gauge - gas regulator - gas governor - Solenoid valve - Pilot line, etc.)


Burner Control Box like Satronics- Siemens and ... (check and describe the full functionality Burner Control box along the circuit and into the burner relay and temperature control or pressure)

Description of mechanical and electronic components for providing full activity PM (presentation as electrical and mechanical activities as illustrated PM - Check the Emergency maintenanc and Improvement maintenance on the Burner)

burner Troubleshooting (general gas burners troubleshooting -Rotary Cup burner troubleshooting and , etc.)


Practical Projects (review existing conflicts in the workplace and provide effective solutions for removing them prior to the completion of a training course)


Practical training (based on existing components and try to adjusting your burners on gas and oil side .)




Review of recent training courses