retube boiler

Boiler repairs

Boiler repair - Fire tube replacement - Tube Sheet replacement - Descaling and acid cleaning of the boiler

• Steam boiler repair - Hot water boiler repair - Hot oil boiler repair - Boiler acid washing - Thickness measurement test - Periodic inspection

Burner repairs

Installation and commissioning - Periodic service - Burner repairs - Combustion analysis

Specialized repair of all types of Pars burners - Kaveh burners - Iran Radiator - Garme Iran - Weishaupt burners - Baltur burners - Riello burners - Noxmat burners - Heat treatment furnace burners

Burner and boiler training course

Holding specialized training courses on burners and boilers

Burner training - Boiler training -Tehran University Burner Training Courses

Repair and Supply of Spare Parts

Supply and repair of all types of burner and boiler parts with a valid warranty

• Repair of Dungs, Krom Schroder solenoid valves - Repair of LKS, SQN, SQM damper motors, ... - Repair of LFL, TMG Burner Control System, .... - Repair of solenoid valve boards - Repair of all types of burner fan inverters.


Commitment and expertise in execution, accuracy alongside speed, honesty and integrity in work performance, a systemic approach and emphasis on quality control are the fundamental principles of our activities. We have been operating since 2008 and with your support, we are currently the official representative of several Iranian and international companies. Our backing is your satisfaction.


Boiler Repair

Tube Replacement - Acid Cleaning - Boiler Door Cementing - De-aerator Repair


Burner Sales - Boiler Sales - Burner Spare Parts Sales - Boiler Spare Parts Sales

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Analyze Past Year's Consumption - Burner Servicing and Adjustment with Testo

Burner Repair Services:

Burner Repair - Fuel Conversion - Solenoid Valve Repair – Damper motor Repair - Control System Upgrades ,….

Technical Advice Services

Burner Repair - Boiler Repair - Efficiency Improvement - Gas Consumption Reduction ,…

Specialized Training

Burner Training - Boiler Training - Gas Burner Repair Training - Boiler Repair Training


ETELAYE SANAT PARS Company is the official representative of the following companies: • Mashin Sazi Arak • Garm Iran • Pars Mashal • Eshteal Arak Co • Mashal Kaveh • NOXMAT Germany • RIELLO Italy • SANTIN Italy

مشعل کاوه-نمایندگی فروش و خدمات پس از فروش مشعل کاوه

Meshal Kaveh

نمایندگی فروش و خدمات پس از فروش پارس مشعل

Pars mashal

نمایندگی فروش و خدمات پس ازفروش مشعل گرم ایران


شوفاژکار-نمایندگی شوفاژکار-تعمیر دیگ چدنی-دیگ آبگرم موتورخانه




مشعل santin italy-نمایندگی santin ایران


نمایندگی اشتعال اراک

Eshteal Arak

دیگ بخار و آبگرم ماشین سازی اراک

Machine Sazi Arak

Count on us for specialized burner and boiler training

One of our missions is to improve the knowledge level of the engineering community, technicians and workers in the field of heating installations.

steam boiler retube

Steam boiler retubing 18,000 LBS/HR Mashine sazi arak video

hot oil boiler burner adjustment

Hot oil boiler burner repair and adjustment video

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